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Statistics don’t matter to the sports magazine Victory Journal. Neither does the score of a game, really. Rather the magazine, which comes out in print twice each year, covers “eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over.” It’s a different take on the saturated sports market — full-page pictorial spreads on Senegalese wrestling or Brooklyn expats who play handball in Miami Beach. And the magazine’s website features stories like a vividly designed 7,000-word profile of retired Cuban pitcher Orlando Hernandez’s defection from Cuba or an illustrated tale of a 1976 hockey game between the Soviet Red Army team and the Philadelphia Flyers that oozes with Cold War tension.
“We’re definitely diving into uncharted waters because we don’t want to make low-cost, high-volume content,” said Christopher Isenberg, Victory Journal’s founder. “We want to make high-cost, low-volume content, and that is what we are actively figuring out how to make work.”
High cost, low volume: That’s the philosophy across Isenberg’s network of projects. No Mas, an online boutique selling sports-themed apparel, memorabilia, and art that evoke “the thrill of victory and the ecstasy of defeat,” is the kind of place where you can purchase a $1,300 sweatshirt with “Cassius Clay” chainstitched across the front. And Doubleday & Cartwright, their creative agency named for two men each sometimes credited as the “inventor” of baseball, has done works for the likes of Nike and Red Bull and produces work with much of the same sensibilities of pieces in Victory Journal.
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