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Union members at the Tri-City News voted 100 per cent in favour of ratifying a new three-year collective agreement with Glacier Media that includes improvements to benefits and a slight wage increase.

The vote took place at the Tri-City News office Thursday, March 13. All members present voted in favour of the tentative agreement. Gains included three additional paid sick days, an improved benefits plan with Unifor Benefit Trust, which will be at least cost-neutral – if not a savings – for the employer. For wages, members will see a 1% increase the first year, and a 1.25% increase in each of the following two years.

The bargaining committee also fought back concession proposals from the company, including cuts to the car allowance, outsourcing the production department jobs and rolling back gains in overtime achieved in the last round of negotiations.

“I very much enjoyed returning to the bargaining table to represent our eight editorial and production members at The Tri-City News,” said Janis Cleugh, bargaining committee member and award-winning reporter. “Equally, I also enjoyed hearing about the newspaper industry from the company’s point of view. I especially liked working with our rep Jennifer Moreau and meeting national rep Jean Van Vliet for the first time. She was tough and fair and represents a fresh start to our bargaining unit. In the end, we kept 2.5 jobs in Canada, maintained status quo on editorial overtime and got a slight bump in pay — about half of the cost of living. Thanks to our eight very creative and very hardworking members, we were able to show solidarity, with a ratification vote of 100%.”
Unifor Local 2000 will post the updated contract online and send copies to members once changes are complete and both parties have reviewed and signed the final document.