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Press release, June 16, 2021

Members of the New Yorker, Pitchfork, and Ars Technica Unions are proud to announce that a strike has been averted and that they have reached an agreement in principle on their first contracts with Condé Nast.

The agreements include wage increases of up to 63 percent at The New Yorker, up to 58 percent at Pitchfork and up to 35 percent at Ars Technica. All three units will have a salary floor of $60,000 by the final year of the agreement. The agreements also include strict limitations on future health-care cost increases, defined working hours for salaried employees (a 40-hour workweek and an eight-hour day), a ban on nondisclosure agreements related to discrimination and harassment, and successorship provisions to help ensure that our members’ hard-won collective bargaining agreements will remain in effect if a publication is sold.

The deal also includes:

  • Editorial integrity guidelines giving employees the right to withhold bylines from any story that is inaccurate or violates journalistic ethics, and to decline paid-advertising assignments.
  • Clear, consistent systems for freelancing that allow employees to take on outside work if it does not conflict with their jobs.
  • A ban on nondisclosure agreements that would prevent employees who believe they suffered workplace discrimination or harassment from speaking about their experiences, along with a contractual right for employees to have Guild representation in investigatory meetings when they raise complaints about harassment.
  • Job security in the form of a just cause clause, successorship language, enhanced severance for employees laid off out of seniority order, and strong coverage and jurisdiction provisions that prevent the company from weakening our bargaining units.

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