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January is an especially important month each year for Unifor Local 2000 Pacific Newspaper Group members who have Obvious Next In Line (ONIL) opportunities in their collective agreement. It’s a once-a-year only window for members to apply for temporary promotions to other jobs under our obviously-next-in-line agreement.  Although there are fewer positions, there are still opportunities for members to move into classifications the same or higher than their own.

The ONIL application form is posted on our website and available for download here, or you can get one from your Shop Steward.

We encourage members to apply for anything for which they think they might be suited (and not necessarily in their own departments).

The deadline for completed applications is January 31, 2022.  One copy of each application is to be handed to or emailed to the appropriate departmental manager; one copy is to be returned to the union office (send to unifor2000@unifor2000.ca) and one copy is to be kept by the member. The union office will work with the company’s Human Resources Department to keep the list up to date and correct.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Gibson, Unifor Local 2000 President at 604-408-0746 or bgibson@unifor2000.ca.

In solidarity,

Brian Gibson