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thechocolatejournalist.com Oct. 10, 2021

Are you being tricked by the most devious greenwashing tactics in the chocolate industry?

“Environmentalist Jay Westerveld coined the term greenwashing in the 1980s, contemptuously criticizing the hospitality industry’s push for clients to reuse their towels under the pretense of saving the environment. In truth, hotels were fundamentally motivated to cut costs through less laundering.” – reports The Guardian.

Greenwashing means spending more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing rather than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact. And there is one single reason why companies would want to do that: PROFIT. Nothing more and nothing less than convincing consumers to pay a premium price for environmentally-sustainable and ethical products, all while enjoying an improved reputation.

From Volkswagen cheating on emission tests to H&M campaigning for sustainability while being a fast-fashion brand, greenwashing has been around for decades already, but it’s only now, that consumers deeply care for good business practices, that companies are doubling their efforts to look greener than ever, including the most well-known chocolate brands.

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