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More layoffs at New York Daily News

The Daily News is downsizing again, as we reported earlier in Capital’s morning media newsletter. Multiple sources said that buyouts have recently been offered to some employees and that layoffs have been enacted yesterday and today. No official word yet on...

The changing newsroom

From typewriters to computers, reporters to data journalists, today’s newsrooms are undergoing a transformation. According to the annual newsroom employment census conducted by the American Society of News Editors, total newsroom employment declined 6.4 percent in...

When an ad doesn't look like an ad

Industry self-regulation doesn’t work and never will for a simple reason: He who pays the piper calls the tune. Companies that tell fibs to their customers don’t like being regulated by their own tame “watchdogs” any more than they like being...

Automated regional printing: how it works

The automated regionalization of USA Today has been going on since July 2013. The Gannett newspaper with a circulation of more than 3.2 million is printed in different locations throughout the country. This means that some advertisers in the “Nation’s Newspaper,” as...

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