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Today we learned that StarMetro Vancouver, along with our sister papers in Edmonton, Calgary, and Halifax, will be closing. It marks the end of an almost two-year effort to transform TorStar into a national news outlet covering stories that matter to communities.

Here in Vancouver we are a diverse, young, somewhat idealistic group of reporters who have relished the opportunity we had to uncover and tell important stories – the kind of stories that can incite positive change and resonate with people. Our commitment to those goals has been the bedrock of everything we’ve accomplished over the short life of this paper.

Our reporters came together in early 2018 from across the country to do the hard, messy, and wonderful work of journalism in Vancouver. We did it while supporting one another to undertake challenging but important stories ­– and maintaining the energy we needed to get it done.

With that in mind we want to thank the people who made that work possible: the community members and sources who trusted us with their stories and their lives. It’s been an honour to tell them.

We recognize that we were the last free commuter paper in Vancouver and we are proud to have continued the tradition of providing accessible news to the Lower Mainland.

From the Reporters at Star Vancouver