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Dear members,

Happy International Workers’ Day (a.k.a. May Day)! Today we reflect on the achievements of working people and our collective power.

This year, May Day comes at a time of tremendous uncertainty and anxiety for most workers. In response, your B.C. and Prairie Regional Councils have taken action to help bolster the community services that are helping to cushion the impacts of the economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m excited to announce that Unifor’s Social Justice Fund, Canadian Community Fund, regional councils, and member locals have collectively pledged more than $50,000 to food banks across Western Canada.

These donations build on other Unifor social justice donations, including this month’s donation of commercial-grade refrigerators to the Bear Clan Patrol’s food security project in Winnipeg’s North End.

Truly, when crisis strikes, Unifor members answer the call to support workers in need, union or non-union.

Across Western Canada locals like yours have been making a difference. Unifor local unions representing workers in many sectors participated, including transportation, forestry, media, manufacturing, telecommunications, mining, rail, energy, and aerospace.

I’m asking you to continue that work by demonstrating what your members are up against during the pandemic.

A key part of Unifor’s lobbying strategy is putting a face on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, and to that end, I’m asking you to document (via photo or video) what your members are doing during the course of their day. That includes any donations or in-kind charitable work. Please send those files to ian.boyko@unifor.org and don’t hesitate to ask for more instructions on taking photos or video.

Thanks again for the work you’re doing, and if your local donated to the May Day food bank drive, please know that we’ll be posting more details about this effort on our website early next week.

In solidarity,

Gavin McGarrigle
Unifor Western Regional Director