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As efforts to level the playing field between publishers and platforms gather steam around the world, collective bargaining approaches are also attracting support.

Last week, 30 Danish media organisations announced the establishment of a collective bargaining assembly to negotiate as one with Google over payments for news.

The move comes at a moment when the difference in power between digital giants and media outlets, and strategies to redress this, are under increasing global scrutiny.

Denmark’s move towards a collective approach points to the complexity of publisher-platform relations. “There is increasing recognition from EU institutions that news media-tech giants’ negotiations are not just a copyright issue, but also a competition issue”, Wout van Wijk, Executive Director of News Media Europe told EURACTIV.

The Danish media outlets’ decision to join forces in negotiations is the first of its kind in Europe. Last year, publishing trade association News Media Canada called on the Canadian government to allow collective bargaining by the industry.

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